Our experience spans a diverse group of the approximately 160 oil and natural gas producing basins worldwide. We have studied rift-type, foreland-type and strike-slip formed basins focusing on both clastic and carbonate reservoirs created by stratigraphic or structural traps located either onshore or offshore.

Many of our recent projects have involved producing and nonproducing unconventional oil and natural gas resources located in the continental United States, Australia, and Alaska.

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North America

In North America we have worked in all the major petroleum producing basins including offshore California, Cook Inlet, the North Slope, the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, and the Permian Basin.

We have completed projects in unconventional resource plays including the Williston Basin, the Anadarko Basin, the Appalacian Basin, and the Los Angeles Basin, to name a few.

Our firm has performed characterization studies deigned to assess the potential for Carbon Dioxide sequestration in low rank coals, aquifers, and partially depleted oil reservoirs.

Recently, our engineers have provided domain expertise to AI and Machine Learning practioners solving reservoir performance forecasting challenges.

South America

In South America, we have completed major projects in the Llanos Basin, the Upper Magdalena Basin, and the Santos Basin.

North Sea

We have worked on multiple fields located in the British, Dutch, Norwegian, and Danish Sectors of the North Sea. Some of the more recognizable fields we have worked include Murchison, Statfjord, Snorre, Dagny, Tyra, Halfdan, Dan, and Gorm.

Deepwater GOM

We have completed projects in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico for clients including Energy XXI, British Petroleum, ERT, and others.

Unconventional Resources

Our reservoir engineers and geologists have worked on unconventional resource plays across the continental United States and in the Artic Basin.

We have completed assignments in the Bakken, the Niobrara, the Monterey Shale, the Eagle Ford, the Haynsville, the Fayetteville, and other prolific unconventional resource reservoirs.

Middle East

Our experience in the Middle East includes integrated reservoir studies for operations in Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar.


We have completed engineering and geoscience assignments for onshore and offshore New Zealand, the Northwest Shelf of Australia and Eastern Australia coalbed methane resources. Our staff has experience performing reservoir engineering studies for fields such as; Malampaya in the Philippines, Sangu in Bangladesh, various offshore fields in Southeast Sumatra, Northwest Java, and prospect evaluations offshore Palau and Papua New Guinea.

China & Southeast Asia

Our experience in China is both onshore and offshore, including work on fields such as; Bohai Bay, Changbei, and Xijiang.

West Africa

Our teams have studied offshore fields in the Niger Delta and prospects in Cameroon.