Our firm offers complete petroleum engineering, geological, and geophysical expertise with an emphasis on reserve determination, economic forecasting, and energy investment analysis. The company staff has extensive experience worldwide and includes petroleum engineers, chemical engineers, geologists, geophysicists, and mathematicians. The majority of our professionals hold advanced technical or business degrees with typically over twenty years of industry experience. We have one of the most respected and capable groups of professionals in the oil and gas consulting business.


Our engineers possess considerable experience in applying reservoir and field analysis techniques. These include the routinely applied performance extrapolation methods, material balance, and secondary recovery forecasting procedures. We generally apply these techniques when, in our judgment, other more extensive and time consuming approaches are not economically or technically justified. However, when needed, we use full-scale numerical reservoir simulation models, probabilistic models, and nodal analysis software to solve complex questions.


Our staff is experienced in detail oriented utilization and analysis of subsurface wellbore data. Dedication to excellence in our process results in accurate geological maps and precise volumetrics. To facilitate and optimize our methods, we maintain two popular geological mapping programs: GeoGraphix Exploration System (GES) and PETRA. Both programs use wellbore, well test, and production data in a variety of geological and engineering analysis tools to yield sound conclusions and superior presentations.

Our areas of expertise include the integration of two- and three-dimensional geophysical data from all major exploration and producing basins of the world. A roster of our workstation knowledge includes: Kingdom 2D/3D Pak, Landmark, Geoquest, and SeisVision. Our capabilities in the area of petrophysics include proficiency with Prism and PETRA’s log analysis module, plus our in-house software, written and maintained by experienced log analysts.


We are commonly asked to assist in the process of property acquisition or divestiture, and for fair market valuations required for charitable donations, tax planning, or litigation. The latest and most commonly selected economic forecast software such as ARIES, OGRE, and PHDWin are readily available to our staff. Additionally, we have developed a proprietary country risk model that provides our international clients with a valuable assessment tool.